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Mission and Purpose Statement


Relationship Builders, Inc., under the leadership of Dr. Tim P. Faulk is dedicated to assisting individuals preparing for a crisis, going through a crisis, or having recently experienced a traumatic event. Our approaches follow the standard of care for crisis intervention and with years of experience and education we can focus on building relationships.


Following a traumatic event, one of the major elements that individual’s experience is a lack of trust as the result of a change in world view. Therefore, we make it our goal to establish trust to provide the level of care needed following a traumatic event.


Not only is our focus on providing a caring, and a trusting therapeutic relationship, we desire to provide your organization with the abilities needed to survive and thrive following a traumatic event.


An important element that must not be overlooked is the importance of building resiliency both organizationally, and for each of your employees.


We are committed to providing our first responders with the skills needed to survive each call answered, or responded too. Therefore, we conduct on-going research and provide state of the art training programs to equip you and your personnel for when “the unthinkable happens.”